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So I’ve been on this contraceptive pill for a few months now. To be honest I’m pretty sure it’s driving me nuts. I’ve been more emotional then ever in my heart life. The doc said no it would not have any effect with the other meds I’m on but I have been more emotional then ever in my life. I’ve been more touchy and I’ve needed more love and affection not to mention attention.

You have to choose… be a little adventurous and get down and dirty or ….

These are all things I’ve tried to learn to live with but a lot of those things are not easy to deal with especially if you’ve never been like that now all of a sudden you just can’t help it.

Another pretty bad thing is the emotional 😭 part. I’ve never in my life cried so much and the stupid thing is. It’s mainly cause I feel like I’m not getting the love ❤️ I want. I know it sounds silly 😝. I

Number #1 on the list!

Being so ridiculously sexual all the time. It’s the worst feeling in the world 🌎 when it’s that time of the month and you just want to have sex and you can’t.

Mainly because your not sure if your partner would be into that & it’s always too uncomfortable to bring up for a woman. We would rather just freak out.

Luckily for me, my man doesn’t mind getting down & dirty most of the time. It actually helps a lot.

Quite frankly if he didn’t I would be bitchy throughout the whole period and the more I want it and need it , If I can’t have it. Oh boy … better run for the hills because I would be a nightmare to live with.

Look guys I have to tell you one thing. When it’s that time we all want it. But most of us are too scared to say anything in case our other half don’t like the idea, then you’ll just be uncomfortable… so in this case it’s always better for the guy to come out and say. I don’t care if it’s that time I still wane do it with you!

Well unless your one of those guys that don’t….. Then unfortunately your just gone have to stick through the bitchy period till it’s over.


Girls!!! If your one of those woman that have never tried doing it on your period because you think it’s too messy or what ever the case may be, & you feel bitchy all the time & don’t know why!!! Well now you do.

Look I’m not going to lie to you. It’s not easy to make a woman cum while she’s on her period but trying your best should be more then enough. The spooning position seems to work best in these cases.

If a man tried to be more understanding especially when it’s that time of the month only good things can come from it , if you want to keep your relationship growing stronger, if you don’t I’m afraid it won’t last very long depending on how patient your other half can be.


At first it was hard for me because I am the most horny when I’m on my period . When I say that I mean it’s so intense that I would literally be up for almost anything. Then again I probably wouldn’t say no to any of my partners requests on any other day but when it’s that time. I tell you. He can do anything to me. Unfortunately his not like that.

  • This is how it happened for us the first time. We both had a few drinks. Just one or two started talking and well I don’t have to go through all the details…. When we got to the bedroom I said Sh*t I forgot it’s that time of the month ( which I really did 😆 I was having too much fun! He said I don’t care. It really doesn’t bother me!!! Boy that was just the right answer for me.

It started off a little uncomfortable especially the first time or two, after that it became a normal thing for us. Now neither of us think twice. I just tell him, prepare to get dirty and then he knows.

If your not use to doing it when it’s that time . Just make sure to clean properly afterwards especially under the mushroom. Otherwise it will dry up and your next session won’t be so pleasant, trust me

It’s better to make sure it’s cleaned properly then put on some lotion or Vaseline afterwards to keep it soft and smooth. Vaseline works great just for doing it as well. No it’s not just for men.

Be spontaneous & creative…. once in a while a little crazy is good.
this is the one ☝️