I guess I waited a little late in my life to decide to forget about being shy and want to know everything about Sex.

There is no chance I’m letting that stop me. Every time we have sex, directly afterwards the thoughts going through my mind is how can we make it better.

I can imagine that wouldn’t be fun for any man to hear , At first he didn’t seem tooo pleased about it either but you see I wasn’t just thinking about myself when this all started.

I don’t know much about biology if I’m being honest and till recently didn’t really know all that much about my own body.

I mean from a young age I had much more important things to do then to ever really have had time to think about myself or my body.

Sex wasn’t on my priority list if I could put it that way then again maybe subconsciously it was always on my mind cause I had a dirty mind if ever you saw one. Still do.

Back then Sex to me was more just to make my man happy and that’s it. I didn’t feel so crazy about it as I do now. Quite frankly I didn’t feel much for it at all.

It was always more about the things that came before Sex that excited me….. Like the kissing, the ass grabbing, the dirty looks, those kinds of things.


When it came down to the actual thing I was never really that into it

Until one specific day , with one specific person, everything I knew about it changed.

Well I mean back then i was technically still a teen & had only been with one other guy before that. A guy that was even more inexperienced then I was…

If i knew then what i know now…..

You know… When you watch porn they make everything look so easy

But it’s not.

There always seems to be some sort of obstacle either preventing the woman or preventing the guy from having the sex of their dreams.

We all know it’s possible.

So I started driving my partner nuts . Let’s try this , let’s try that, but the very first thing we did was go to the adult shop to buy some toys. We had all sorts of ideas. Unfortunately wasn’t exactly in our budget to buy everything we wanted to.

So we just bought the basic. I got my very first dildo, vibrating bullet, and got him his very first cock ring , and a few other small things most of which turned out to be a disappointment.

So then we get home decide to watch some porn together and try out our new toys. I mean it was great , But still I kept thinking 🤔 to myself what can we do to improve our Sex life?


Well I can honestly say it’s a few months later now and I’m pretty sure I just had the best sex I’ve ever had.

Unfortunately I have to cut the story short but will get To all those details In the follow up 😝.

Off to bed for me. Till next time. Be safe!