Well if i’m being honest , it was a very weird but amazing experience.

By Miss-Sexuality

So something happened to me for the first time in my life. I’m still not 100% sure what happened but one things for sure the Sex was amazing.
I’m not quite sure how to explain it… Let me start with the night before.

The night before we decided to be a little naughty, decided to act like we did when we first met.

Had loads of fun , just us as a couple, however when we got to the bedroom we were both so horny but couldn’t do anything, we were so exhausted , we had a spaghetti situation going on because of some of the activities we indulged in and it was just not possible from both our sides to get any further then just horny in bed.

what happened next….

Well we both ended up falling asleep 😴 for a little while, I came to and my hand was down his pants and rubbing him.

I swear I was not even awake. I woke up and I was already busy doing this , but when i fell asleep I was so in the mood and couldn’t really do anything.


I woke up realized my hand was down his pants. He was also half a sleep but already had a hard on. I couldn’t resist, I was dying to just put my lips 👄 around him.

If he really knew how much I enjoy it he would probably freak.

He woke up a little more and realized my hand was down his pants and he was hard as hell.

I’m pretty sure that was like a morning glory, I’ve never felt anything that hard before. It was amazing 🤩

He turned me around and we did the spooning position that he loves to do so much.

First time in my life it felt so good I couldn’t shut up 🤫.

I wasn’t in control of the noises coming out of my mouth.

I’m pretty sure that was the very first time I had an orgasm.

I have so many questions.

How do I know. I want to keep going and keep going I want to know what’s going to happen.

Since then he has just gotten better and better with all the things I tell him I think one of these days I might just explode.

Then again still waiting to see what will happen.

Tip Guys…. Foreplay might be more important then you realize. Personally I struggle to cum without any foreplay!

Off topic

I don’t understand how to this day he doesn’t believe that I love bj’s, I think maybe his never been with a woman that enjoys doing it. Ok I do know that only about 10 % of the female population enjoy going down on a guy.


I’ve already mentioned what the biggest cause of this is.

Look I can’t say for certain that if your clean shaven and make sure you wash properly down there that your woman is going to enjoy going down on you but I do know that a lot, when I say a lot I mean a lot of woman don’t ever want to do it because they have all at some point or another gotten something nasty in their mouths.

I’m really sorry to say this guys and I’m not saying it’s your fault.

I’m not saying your dirty but when I was younger I almost never wanted to do it for this exact same reason.

I always got something in my mouth I didn’t want number 1 cause ; always something that couldn’t be reached and almost always just under the mushroom.

Hence no more sucky (in most cases)


Girls! I believe your man is more then likely not even aware of it , and well your too scared to say anything cause you don’t want to offend him. Right??

Maybe you should consider just phrasing it differently…

Saying something like : I love to go down on you more just when you got out of the shower!

Which would be true in my case.



Guys am I wrong?

It might not even have been with you personally it could have been a previous guy who knows maybe even as a first experience.

That’s never fun, personally I love doing it and I’ve told my man multiple times , but it’s like he doesn’t believe me.

However I also remind him.
When he needs a shave down there or try to help him out rather then risk being put off again!


Lucky for him he has a girl that loves bjs probably more then he does, which is kind of odd.
Never heard of a man that doesn’t enjoy it.
Have you?