Today I started sharing with my partner how I really feel about our Sex life. To be honest, I did wait until he wasn’t completely sober before I said anything. This is what I said.

I want you to know that i understand If you sometimes have a problem. You don’t always have to do everything you can and tire yourself out to make me happy 😃 (in the bedroom) sometimes I just need you to be playful and acknowledge what’s happening with me. If I’m in the mood and your not sometimes all you have to do is hold me. The worst thing a man can do to a woman laying next to him, horny as hell… is ignore her. That’s enough to make her completely mad.


I don’t always expect you to try your best. Just showing you care and you want me is enough.

I really hope he didn’t take it the wrong way… All I am trying to tell him is that sometimes I need a little more Attention then usual & sometimes I need to be caressed just like every other woman. Problem is I like sex more then most woman and unfortunately more then my man! What am I supposed to do ? I can’t always be the one that wants it more then my man. It doesn’t feel natural!!!! Guys any advice?