Ok before you read this and think to yourself oh my she must be ugly. I guarantee that is not the case. Every single guy I have ever met has wanted to sleep with me… but I’m not that type of girl. Never have been and well never will be. You see I believe there has to be a connection. Maybe once in a lifetime you’ll meet someone and straight away have intense sexual attraction and if I’m being honest that did happen to me once. I don’t think that will ever happen again.


So remember where I told my man how I feel about our Sex life?

Well after getting a little wasted myself I said something really stupid! I said it’s not right for a woman to be ignored when she’s in the mood… ok granted I’m in the mood like non stop I know sometimes I get a little much but if you’ve ever been so horny you just can’t control yourself?

Well that’s happened to me a few times the last couple months & not only was it immensely embarrassing, when I needed him the most he turned around in bed and acted like nothing was happening next to him. Without saying a word. I just wanted to die!!! I didn’t exactly mention that to him but I did say you can’t just leave me and ignore me when I’m like that, it makes me angry while I’m crazy sexual and that could only lead to something bad happening!

Ok! This is where I messed up!! Now I’m worried he thinks I’m gone mess around! That is not what I wanted him to take away for the story. I was more trying to stress to him how serious this is to me! Again I’m so embarrassed!!!!

Look ive only recently become so well let’s just say not shy 🙈 after a real near death experience & well I’m afraid to say but I think it might be too much for him in real life. In porn it’s fine but not with your real life girlfriend is that it ?

I would love to know! I mean it’s not like i take it outside the bedroom. That I thought might be a little too far!

I can only tell you things from a woman’s perspective but from a mans…

Well I just always assumed it wouldn’t be an issue because most guys are horny all the time. Well boy was I wrong!

I ended up with the one in a million that isn’t


Looks like hé ended up with the most horny woman on the planet.

I have to give him an A for effort… After not really being sexually active for long periods of time he really has improved overall.

He has more stamina, he actually really makes me cum which well after 14 years was the first time ever!

Now it happens more and more! Also I cum a lot easier then ever before!

The more we do it the easier it becomes. If we don’t do it for like two days it becomes harder again.

Then it can take up to an hour. If we do it daily atleast once a day it’s gets so easy that it can take as little as 5-10 min.

The crazy thing is sometimes it might even be like and orgasm not just a little cum. The other day I said to him, if it goes on like that I might have to start holding back don’t know how my body will react cause it’s never felt these things before.

So as you can see I really have no reason to complain when it comes down to the actual deed right?!

Well this is the thing. Every single time we do it it’s only ever one position… & well let’s just say I would rather choose to do that position if it was with someone that I didn’t find all that attractive!! Right guys ? Granted he is a little lazy and doesn’t always want to do too much work… which is understandable. So I ask him straight up why do we always have to do it like that. Spooning. He says he has more power that way.

I would love to get a second opinion on this!!!

I just wish I could make him understand sometimes being spontaneous, or adventurous or even just a little silly 😜 would make the biggest difference.

We talked about swinging , but before going there I think it might be best if we start a little smaller like role playing. How am I going to get him into trying that?Maybe he’ll love it , maybe so will I.

I think when it comes to spicing up our Sex life, we’ll have to do it one step at a time.