The worst thing a man can do to a woman besides lying and cheating , that kind of goes without saying.

The worst thing a man can do to a woman is make her feel unwanted , unloved but number one above all else the terrible 😣 word ugly.

To not tell a woman she’s beautiful enough is the fastest way your relationship will come to a standstill and end up dead.

You see this is a mistake most men make.

They put a lot of effort into getting the girl, some would pretend to be someone they are not , which is not the best way to start a relationship but there are cases that shows that end up happy regardless of how they started.

The problem is once they already have the girl.

Woman still dress up and look after themselves for that one reason.

To be appreciated weather it’s by their every day socializing when their single or to keep looking great for their partners.

They still want to be appreciated!!

What no one will admit to is this;

When a man stops telling his woman she’s beautiful, she stops caring about how she looks.

If she feels all the work she’s putting into grooming herself is going unnoticed, she either stops caring about how she looks or she moves on to the next person who will appreciate her more.

Depending on how invested she is in the relationship.

These are the things every man should know.

1 Never stop telling your girl she’s beautiful, then she will always want to look her best for you.

If you always show appreciation for your woman she will want to put in all the extra effort to make herself look good for you.

All the things you notice makes it all worth while , then it no longer becomes a have to do but a want to do.

2. Never stop showing her you want her and that your sexually attracted to her.

If you stop showing your sexually attracted to your girl she will loose interest in you and the relationship very quickly again depending on how invested she is in the relationship, it could be even worse if she just stops caring cause then she stops caring about her looks, about Sex , about what matters to you. About pretty much everything!

When this happens she is dying inside and has pretty much gone into depression.

This can change if she is still trying and you just haven’t noticed.


You always want your woman to want to look like and feel like!

You want her to stay beautiful and make an effort to look her best for you.
You want her to want to want to have sex and go down on you.

Am I wrong? well these things are not as difficult to achieve as you might think.

Men tend to think all woman are complicated, the truth is we just have a emotional need for certain things unlike men.

Part of that is always being appreciated , compliments doesn’t hurt , showing you care could go a long way and very important letting her know that you care about what she likes in bed and you will put her needs first will make your Sex life so much beter then you could ever imagine and she will more then likely never say no to Sex ever again.

Miss- knowledge