Hello 🌎 World!

Where do I start. My sex life has been a mess, I’m a woman and 20 years younger then my partner. I want to do it all the time and he doesn’t exactly feel the same way. It’s quite frustrating. I remember the roles were reversed once and I would never have rejected him or said no. Even if it wasn’t something I craved so to speak.

After the lockdown we went through quite a rough patch I’m sure most of the world can relate , everyone stuck in their own situations with their own problems , and no one you can really share it with. Well In my case it’s been like that most of my life.

Never as Bad as this though. Mistrust , fighting, so many misunderstandings, disagreements for the stupidest things. Fighting over things that shouldn’t matter but they do cause the heart ❤️ is a funny thing.

We have gone through so many phases during this lockdown I think we have both kind of lost touch with the people we were before.

Now let’s get to the fun part

Let’s talk about Sex shall we?

This part is SNL No kids allowed.

We have had quite a lot of Sex over the past few months, after I started going Sex crazy. I built up a toy collection for the first time in my life. I started sharing everything with my partner , when I say everything, I mean everything, about Sex , about how I feel , about what scares me, everything.

I’m quite happy to say that the sex thing his taken seriously and really upped his game! I’m impressed!

Always compliment your woman

The sex has gotten better and better , and I have to say if it was not for that , this little cage that we have been stuck in would have made us both lose our minds.

My advice , don’t over think things!

Have lots of sex.

Appreciate the people you have in your life. Before you know it they might not be around anymore.

Explore your sexual dos and don’ts , don’t be a boring old couple that never wants to try new things sexually.

We have even considered swinging but obviously with the virus around it’s a bit of a scary thought.

Don’t let this pandemic change the person you want to be, realize what’s different now and how you can make life better for everyone in your home, not just yourself.

From your favorite author ✍️ Miss – Complex