Well to be honest I can’t really complain about how things are going in the bedroom. He really tries his best to make me Cum before he does. I guess that’s pretty sweet. His slowly but surely building up the stamina he needs to het a woman off properly.

Had pretty amazing sex just now. Couldn’t cum but then neither could he, so we just finished off next to each other. It’s not the first time that’s happened. At first it was a little weird , but the more it happens the more normal it seems. Just one weird thing I don’t quite get yet , he would look the other way , to the wall while his helping himself. Even though it’s right next to me on the bed.

So i thought about it. Why would I do that !? The only thing I could possibly think of is that he might be worried I’m gone see him pull faces 😆 that’s what bothered me most at first.

I mean guys might think all chicks naturally look like porn stars when they cum , but when you really think about it. What do you look like? What faces do you pull & do you think 🤔 it’s automatically going to look attractive? Well I highly doubt that.

So just like you don’t automatically look attractive when you empty out the old tank. Neither does 99% of the rest of the world.

What did I do?

I did it right next to my mirror to see how it looks and exactly what faces I was pulling and I’m sorry to say but it wasn’t exactly sexy. If i have to say so myself.

So I did it again and again. Trying to figure out why it doesn’t look as good as it feels.

You see I know he watches porn and so do I. However it’s not a good thing if the porn looks better then the real deal.

I’m not saying act like a porn star. All you need to do is be aware of your expressions.

Obviously he doesn’t know that I did it to look better for him so he can watch me too and I can feel comfortable with it but we’ll that’s not something he needs to know.

Getting back to current events.

So MR X and Miss-Frustrated just had sex but due to unplanned circumstances they had to finish themselves off.

So I Aak him if he would get my toy box out while his up. He gets it and lay on the bed next to me. I face my legs towards him so he could watch , for the first time ever ; but he doesn’t he looks at the wall the whole time. After we are done I ask him why didn’t you look…. he says he didn’t notice his head was facing the wall or other direction. That is a little hard to believe so the logical conclusion would be he didn’t want me to look at his face while his doing that.


Make yourself cum and get the confidence you need to look your partner in the eyes. And to look at his or her body.

This is Miss-Satisfied signing off.


This is a photo of me before I got so confident. Had nothing to worry about then, just wish I realized it sooner in life. Being shy gets you no where! Now I just wish my other half would stop holding back especially when it comes to the bedroom