Hello everyone! It’s been a while since my last post I know , my life has been such a roller coaster the last few months like you will not believe, exciting , scary , unexpected and occasionally mind blowing. I’m talking family Sex, love ❤️, new experiences, new expectations, new desires and a whole lot more positivity then I could have ever imagined after the downward spiral we once had as a couple!

Things are looking up and man…. Can’t complain about the sex… hmm ok that’s a lie. I’m always looking for new ways to improved sexual experiences but twice in the last 2-3 months I was completely left speechless 😶! Believe me this is a good thing. Only in the bedroom of course 😂 !

So let’s get cougjt up a bit. Currently I’m packing and painting and organizing and all that boring stuff …. Why? I’m moving in less then a week. To an amazing new place with lots of space , and so much potential it’s ridiculous!

You can hear the positivity flowing out right? 😁 I’m super excited to leave a old small grumpy flat and move into a house I can call my own! So there’s that to look forward too. Just wish I could muster up the energy and get all the work done like yesterday but I’m just feeling so lazy today , hence why I’ve taken the time to update my readers. 😀

I have so much to share on what I’ve learned and experienced sexually over the past few months , I can not wait to share with you guys but unfortunately that will have to wait till next week once we are settled in ,

In the meantime I have a message for all the woman out there.

We have a bad habbit of allowing experiences cause havoc in our lives due to something that might have happened at an earlier time in your life!

You have to remember , if your partner says or does something that makes you think 🤔 or feel suspicious 🤨 don’t take it out on him or her unless you know for sure! Something that might have happened in the past might raise certain concerns when you notice certain behavior, just be sure before making your life uncomfortable unnecessarily. You could be wrong and have just made things worse for no reason!

I want to elaborate but that will have to wait till the next post.

Best but not easiest. Try and put yourself in a positive mindset where nothing that could possibly happen could hurt you! I’m not saying be cold hearted. Just try and put your self in your partners shoes 👞 for a minute then decide where you should or shouldn’t be acting the way you are.

That’s it for today… Catch you guys next week with some super exciting stories ! 🤔

Remember life can only be as exciting as your willingness to explore and be open minded about more then just why you want!

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