The more you make her feel like she is your world , the more she will realize that you are hers and how you are the right decision!

Most woman just want a man to to still want her, after being together for a while, most men stop showing their interest and thus woman lose their sex drive and their want to look their best

Every man wants their woman to dress up for them and make them feel wanted, and aroused! How would you feel if your woman dressed up for you like this every night ? Would every night really be too much? what is too much?


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A few months ago my “finance” and I got into a massive fight , and he ended up shouting….

All you ever want to do is talk about sex.

I mean he wasn’t wrong. The reason for the madness is I believe sex is a big deal for both men and woman,some people are just brought up more conservative then others and some are easily offended but behind the bedroom rood you don’t know what sorts of crazy things they are into.

In my experience the people that seem the most easily offended are the ones that’s got bigger secrets behind locked doors, but you can always see if their really disgusted or if there is some sort of intrigue. .

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